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    iNetCalc is an internet connection speed meter destined for keeping record of your Internet costs while using Wi-Fi, xDSL, VPN, GPRS and dialup connections, when every byte passed the connection has to be recorded. Connection time is also taken into account.

Internet connection speed meter.

    All necessary connection information is conveniently presented: your internet connection online speed, incoming and outgoing channels loading, average internet connection speed, sent and received traffic, bandwidth monitor, connection time, money spent (with tariff settings enabled). There are both global statistics for the chosen connections and a separate one for each connection for the current day and month.

Monitor online screenshot.

    Simple but powerful tariff system allows easily describing provider's tariffs.

Bandwidth monitor.

    Additionally, there's a built-in dialer with CallBack support allowing to establish several connections simultaneously (if your Operating System supports this feature).

Speed of your internet connection.

On top of everything else this program contains a module for blocking ad banners (ad stopper).

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